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Outdoor Water Toys and Pool Toys Gift Guide

by David Norris
August 2008

Summertime is back, time for those outdoor toys to beat the heat. Outdoor toys are a great way to cool off those sweltering days. However, outdoor toys are not confined only to summer. Christmas and birthdays are chances to give someone else the joy of outdoor toys. Boys and girls alike enjoy such things as outdoor pools, skis, or other outdoor toys for presents. We have created a buying guide for these items to offer ideas for gift buying.

Inflatable Water Trampolines
Inflatable water trampolines are basically trampolines that go on the water. They come in a couple of different styles depending on the needs of the person you are buying this outdoor toy. For more of a permanent setup, one style has frames and springs and requires assembly but its performance is comparable to an on land trampoline. If you are looking for something more portable, a second type is made to take along with a boat. These are easily put together but offer less performance than the larger type.

Water Toys

There are a large variety of water toys. Pool, lake, river and other outdoor toys fill out the category. Pool toys include floats, sports toys such as basketball goals and water polo setups, volleyball and underwater swimming equipment. Lake toys include towables, such as water skis, ski tubes and wakeboards. Rafts, kayaks, and canoes are options if you are interested in river fun.

Water Loungers
Water loungers are more than just floats. They are specialized outdoor toys fitting individual desires and providing optimum comfort while cooling off in the water. A lounger would be an enjoyable present for a girl or a boy. A lounger is the ultimate in relaxing outdoor toys.

Rafts have come a long way over the years. New materials have made them lighter and more maneuverable than ever. As far as outdoor toys go, rafts are a great way to introduce children to water sports.

Ski Tubes
Ski tubes offer loads of fun with optimum safety features. They come in different sizes from one person tubes to multiple person giant tubes. Children of all ages will enjoy being pulled behind the boat on these inflatable outdoor toys.

Banana Boats
Banana boats are inflatable towables often formed in the shape of a banana that can hold multiple people. They are useful when there are numerous people who all want to ride in the water together.

Outdoor toys have changed over the years with the technology. In today's world of outdoor toys I'm sure that you can find that perfect gift for anyone.

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