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Music Boxes Gift Guide

by Nannette Richford
August 2008

Choosing just the right music box for that special person on your holiday list can make the difference between a keepsake a teen will treasure for life and one she will stash in the closet out of the prying eyes of visitors. Use this buying guide to assist you in deciding what type of music box to purchase for kids or adults for a special birthday or holiday gift.

Childrens music boxes: Children love music boxes; especially those that feature the latest Disney character or their favorite animal. Look for sturdy music boxes that will hold up to child play, as the youngster on your list is sure to carry the music box around as they listen to the music. Choose soothing music that will be recognized by the child. Music boxes with theme music from favorite movies or favorite nursery rhymes make wonderful birthday or holiday gifts.

Preteens will enjoy music boxes that feature unicorns and other mythical fairy tale creatures. This is also the age when young girls enjoy the ballerina music boxes complete with the delicate twirling dancer. Choose a music box that has music from fantasy movies or dance music to please a preteen for her birthday.

Teens are beginning to develop more discriminating tastes and prefer a music box that expresses their sense of style. Intricate carved wood music boxes and classical music will fit into any dcor and is likely to please a teen.

Carousel music boxes appeal to the sense of romance and our desire for the nostalgia. These music boxes will likely appeal to adult women whose children have grown and left the home. It serves to bring memories of both her childhood and the childhood of her children. To please that special woman on your holiday list, a carousel is a good choice.

For a romantic partner, a richly colored wooden music box with her favorite song, or your song together, will show her how much you really care about her.

Whatever you choose, be sure to keep the taste of the individual you are purchasing it for in mind and avoid purchasing a music box because it appeals to you. A gift should always reflect the taste of the receiver, not the giver.

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