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Model airplanes and kits - military, commercial planes, private jets, blimps, helicopters in diecast metal and wood. Build model planes and find hobby supplies for kids or adults birthday, holiday, corporate or Christmas gifts.

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Model Airplanes Gift Guide

by Rainier Wong
August 2008

Here is a guide to buying model airplanes as birthday, Christmas, and general gifts. Some model airplanes, spacecraft, helicopters or blimps come as completed in boxes, while other models require construction with skillful hands. Model plane kits that require construction can be in the form of plastic, wood (sometimes balsa wood) or paper. Some model airplanes can flown by radio control.

Most models for display are either made of wood or plastic. There are also diecast planes that can come in different shapes and sizes. One can get find small scale vintage, radio control, electric, model jets, blimps, and other forms as kits or pre-assembled. Since, there are so many types of model airplanes, it is essential to get the correct one for the person you intend to give it to.

As a person who once constructed model airplanes as a hobby, I will do my best to share some ideas with you on which model airplanes to buy for the right occassion, and the right people.

* For people who love constructing items, get them model airplanes such as private planes, military planes, or commercial model planes, for example. You'll know when you visit their homes if they are into certains models.

* For those who hate putting things together, buy them preassembled model planes.

* For the history lovers, buy them vintage or diecast model airplanes. You may get them from hobby stores, antique shops, or even on the internet, but definitely not the museum.

* For adventurous hands-on people, get them RC model airplanes or helicopters. Never buy RCs for clumsy people just to be safe, or a chandelier may be in jeopardy inside the home.

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