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Toys 4 kids and baby offers gift guides with toy ideas for girls and boys. Compare baby gifts, rocking horses, ride on toys, tricycles, radio flyer wagons, binoculars, telescopes, playhouses, bounce houses, doll houses, chess sets & water toys

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Kids Toys and Gifts Guide

by Rainier Wong
August 2008

We have created a kids toys and gifts buying guide to help you to decide which toys to buy as birthday, Christmas, or as a general gift. It is important to purchase the most gender and age approprite kids' toys and presents so that they will be appreciated for years to come.

Here's the guide to buying just the right kids' toys and gifts for a little one:

For boys...
*Buy model airplanes for boys who like aviation.

*Buy binoculars for boys who love nature or Indiana Jones.

*Buy telescopes for boys who love the stars (not movie stars).

For Girls...
*Buy doll houses for girls who love to play house.

*Buy jewelry boxes for girls who have a lot of jewelry.

*Buy music boxes for girls who truly love music.

For Both...
*You can also buy something suitable for both genders including a rocking horse, radio flyer wagons, chess sets, world globes, and toy boxes to keep their toys neat.

Some toys are better for girls, and some are more appropriate for boys. While others work for both genders. You can get children's presents from the toy store, the department store, the mall, the Internet, and sometimes even the supermarket. And don't forget Ebay as well. It's good to shop around for toys so that you can get the best value.

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