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Doll houses Gift Guide

by Aileen Borders
August 2008

Shop Today!We have created a guide to buying doll house for holiday, birthday, or general presents. This will guide you in the types of dollhouses available, kits, and where to buy. Whether oversized or " in scale, these mini-mansions provide hours of entertainment and stretch the imagination in kids of all ages.

doll house
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(Fisher Price Loving Family Doll House shown above)

Note: Find brands for dollhouse miniatures, furniture and dolls such as Barbie Pegasus, Fisher Price Dora Talking House, My First, Lilliput, Greenleaf and more on our doll houses shop page. Some brands are not always available.

1. Determine what type of dollhouse is best for your gift.

- Plastic doll houses: For very young children, dollhouses such as Loving Family or Dora's Talking House made of plastic are the best option. They are tough and meant to be battered during playtime. Barbie doll house and Fisher price doll house is a popular choice for girls.

- Wooden doll houses: made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) are sturdier. They can be furnished or unfurnished. Boys would have more interest in this housing material, especially Ryan's Room brand or KidKraft.

2. Decide which is most appropriate: unassembled or assembled.

- Unassembled: These unfinished doll house kits are often larger and are intended to be built by an adult, so plan accordingly around the holidays. These types of dollhouses are heirloom quality when made with the proper materials, so giving them as baby gifts is not advised.

- Assembled: Assembled doll house kits are dollhouses that come complete with doll furniture and decorations. While this is a timesaver on Christmas Eve, it can take some of the fun away when children want to add style of their own.

3. Head to the store or get online.

- Craft and hobby stores are primary merchants of doll houses and accessories.

- Conducting an online search for miniatures and dollhouses will reveal many retailers offering kits, doll house furniture, building supplies, and decorations.

- Prices are wide ranging and reflect the quality of the item.

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